About Us

M&G KnowteK is a limited liability company in Bahrain, targeting client base in Asia and beyond, in consulting and business solutions domains. It’s a first-generation business of a group of highly experienced global professionals with multifaceted strengths in techno-commercial arena in manufacturing and service sectors. The leadership team includes experts from different industries and sectors. The company with a humble beginning has ambitious growth plans.

M&G believes in the Strength of partnering with our clients, so that our clients get the power of our expertise. Promising the attention our clients deserve, we engage on relationships beyond consulting.

M&G is a PROMISE much beyond a name.

M&G KnowteK focuses on the following areas executed through their Main Office in Bahrain and Laison Offices in India, China and UAE

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Industrial Information Systems
  • Aqua System
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • Financial Consulting
  • Corporate Systems Consulting
  • Reliability Engineering & Asset Management Consulting