Enterprise Risk Management

  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Governance & Compliance Management
  • Audit Management
  • Policy & Quality Management
  • Suitable for Infrastructure, Energy, Utilities, Defense and Many Other Industries

No matter what size your organisation is, the industry or the locations you operate in, Risk and Value Management deserves more attention than ever before. Today’s businesses are delivering more complex technical products and services  and they operate on a global scale. To be sustainably competent, businesses need to deliver quicker, to higher quality, all with reduced budgets.

M&G Knowtek’s  experts along with our global partners can help your organization in managing Risks & Opportunities in achieving increased business performance and certainty.

M&G Knowtek’s strengths blended with our Partners’ solutions offers nothing less than the MOST & the BEST not limited to the following.

  • Collaborate Work processes that reduces the work load and potential errors by allowing users from different departments and sites to enter data in one common web based system that can be on premise or in the cloud
  • Management and control of sensitive risk data using robust and configurable security mechanisms.
  • Evidence based risk management process with a full audit trail system meeting Board / C-level Process Audit or Regulatory Investigation
  • An expandable solution with additional control assurance processes, audit management and incident tracking to manage the Full Event Life Cycle
  • An effective Alert System to ensure that the Right People are involved in the Right Decisions at the Right Time


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